Kuala Lumpur

Dragonfly II



  1. LadyPinkRose says:

    OH WOW! Stunning perfection! Just WOW! Love, Amy


  2. I thought I’d come and take a look at your photography, and I’m very glad I did – you have some beautiful captures here! What an amazing picture of a dragonfly!!! I love the red contrasting with the black and white – perfect!

    I’ve been looking on Flickr for a dragonfly image for The Writing Garden to compliment a wonderful poem I found called ‘Fly Dragonfly!’ by Joyce Sidman. I’ve not yet seen one so beautiful as this. There are some stunning pictures of dragonflies on Flickr, but not like this. This goes way beyond a picture of an insect, it seems to convey a fragment of time in the whole story, almost makes me feel I’ve met the dragonfly. To my mind, that’s what makes some pictures stand out and grab the soul, where others don’t – this one has drama! 🙂

    Would you be interested in this picture being published as the front cover for the May/June issue of The Writing Garden? I always give a bit more attention to the front cover photographer or artist – links at the top of the issue and also more links and a special mention in my message at the end. But if you were keeping this exclusively for something else you have in mind, I’d understand, so please don’t feel pressured to say yes.


  3. Thanks so much, I’m sure it will look wonderful!! There is one thing I’ll need you to do though, could you post an email address where I can contact you, in my contact sheet on my about page https://wordmusing.wordpress.com/about/ So I can send you my email, then you can send me a copy of the image. Unfortunately your blog theme restricts the size of the image reproduced. When I save the picture, it shows as far too small to be added into a featured image on my blog theme. Most times I can avoid all the fuss just by saving a copy from the blog, but I have had to ask this a few times, to make sure the image is the correct size. I don’t want to post an email address here because it will probably get picked up by a spammer! So sorry for making things complicated, I hope you don’t mind me asking?


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