Busted in Beijing…


_MG_6267It just goes to show you…
I thought the picture of the Japanese Maple would have been a tad more popular, than just the one like so far.
It merely reinforces the notion that I’m not always the best judge of which picture will prove popular…

Kids, though…
Always a crowd favorite…!!!

I have spent years working on a method I refer to as: ‘stealth photography’, where I don’t actually aim the camera at my subject, as much as I point it ‘over there’ while looking elsewhere.
Sometimes you get some interesting things…
Mostly you get a lot of junk.

I noticed this boy coming up behind me, and swung my camera up to sneak a shot as he went by.
Unfortunately, being a tall American off the beaten track in Beijing, he had noticed me, too.
Stealth shot? – fail.
Mutual interest conveyed, and acknowledged? – success…

I was constantly the subject of intense interest while in Beijing, especially amongst the very young.
They were fascinated by the differences, mostly.
I was the most exotic thing they had ever seen.
There’s a lesson in there, somewhere… but I’ll let that go for now…

The owner of the light brown footwear up ahead is my guide/translator.
My second one…
I broke the first one, somewhere along the Great Wall.
This one, too, was done by the end of the day…

When I’m on a photo holiday, I don’t mess around…!!!
Let’s go people…
Pick up the pace…



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  1. And – of course – just as soon as I post the above, I get the second ‘like’ attached to the Japanese Maple…
    Some days it just doesn’t pay to blog…


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