I never know what to write on these pages.

What is this blog about?
Well. it’s a place to put up some photography.
Both the original color shot, as well as developmental decisions I might make; such as B&W or tinting.

Sometimes the experimentation gets a little extreme. But you guys have been fairly clear when I go too far for your tastes. And ultimately, this blog is kinda about you. Because if you don’t like what you see often enough, you won’t come back. So while it’s a collection of photographs from my travels ‘oot and aboot’, it will eventually come back around to you. But only if you take the moment to let me know a little something about you – by liking this photo, or that one.

This way, the blog becomes about us… and not just me.
‘Cause I’m just some guy, see…
What could I possibly have that would interest you?
The answer to that question is “I don’t know”.

Let’s find out together, shall we…?

I’ll start.
I chose the picture above for this page, because I really like it.
Even though not many of you did.
But for me, the connection I feel for this photo is all about the light, and the contrast, and the bokeh. It’s not really about the subject at all, but about the way life choose to emphasize that subject. Almost as if the universe came along and physically turned my head, until I was forced to notice just this exquisite light, and the way in which the camera was going to capture it.

Why did life want me to notice a cactus?
I not know.
Why does anything happen?

But that’s a question for a philosophy blog.
I’ll try and stick to photography on this one.



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